Biggest Web Design Mistakes That Can Cost You

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Website design is an art and a science. Many novice designers ignore crucial elements that can put their websites ahead. To get the best results for your product, you will need to avoid the biggest web design mistakes.

Luckily, customers can invest in innovative web design by Auxilia Website Design in Spring, TX.  These specialists help you identify and steer clear of mistakes so you succeed online.

The Value of Proper Web Design

Web design brings life to any business looking to increase its presence online. For many potential customers, a website will be their first impression of a company. That is why providing a professional and intuitive experience for visitors is essential.

Navigation Features

The best way to keep a guest on your site is to provide simple navigation features. Most designers utilize top or side navigation bars to organize pages and subpages. Remember to place links, buttons, and calls to action strategically throughout the page. 

Ignoring this method is one of the biggest web design mistakes. It may cause users to have difficulty finding material on the site. 

Customers now expect fast results, and extra work needed to navigate your site will encourage them to look elsewhere.

Overthinking Designs

Designers take pride in their work and enjoy experimenting. However, part of creating an effective website is knowing when to step back. 

Overthought designs with flashy visual elements, texts, and images can create unsightly pages. Stuffing a website too much confuses visitors and discourages them from exploring further. It also hinders search engines trying to comprehend content.

Contact Information

For most companies, the website is a means to an end. That end is typically contacting the company for more information or buying a product. If you neglect adding contact information (or make it difficult to find), you create unnecessary labor for the customer.

Contact information is one of the most critical elements of every website, so make sure to include it in the header or footer of every page. 

A separate contact page is also an excellent solution when adding forms and mapping information.


Never publish a website without first testing every element. Whether you have a site with two pages or 20, this step is critical. Make sure the content is legible and that every link works. 

Go through your navigation menus and pay attention to the fluidity of the site. Look for common web design mistakes like low-quality images and typos. Check for browser caching errors and verify any data on the page like:

  • Company hours
  • Claims
  • Services
  • About information

We Are Design Experts

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Ensure success by investing in Auxilia. We will help you know which website elements you need to focus on for quality results. Avoid the biggest web design mistakes with our reliable services.

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