How To Create a Facebook Ads Account

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Millions of people, including potential customers, use Facebook every day, so why not advertise your business where they already are? Facebook Ads Manager will allow you to generate leads and increase sales. After creating an account, you can target custom audiences based on their interests and behaviors.

Work with Auxilia for creative Facebook Ads services. We design Facebook ads to reach users most interested in your products. This article will show you how to create a Facebook ads account.

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

Facebook Business Manager lets you manage your business Facebook and Instagram pages and Facebook Ads in one place. Use a web browser to visit Facebook Business Manager, then click the “create account” button on the top right. 

Next, log in to Facebook using the same email address as your personal account. Using a personal account will not open access to anyone else. After logging in, select “create an account” to sign up for a business account.

Facebook will ask you for the following information:

  • Account name
  • Personal name
  • Business email

After you click on submit, Facebook will create your account. Log in to your business email to confirm the account. Press on the “confirm now” button, which will take you to the Facebook Business Manager. 

2. Invite Employees 

Add employees from the Business Manager settings page. Click on the Users tab and select People to find the person using their name or email address. After that, assign roles to each person, such as employee or admin. 

3. Connect the Facebook Page To Business Manager

Go to the Accounts tab and locate Pages, then select “add” and “add page” to enter the name or URL. Facebook should have already linked your business page if you manage the account.

Keep reading to learn how to create a Facebook ads account.

4. Add Payment Method

The next involves adding a payment method to pay for all Facebook ads. You can skip this step if you don’t have payment information handy. 

5. Open an Ad Account

Click the blue “Add” button from the Ad Accounts tab, and then click “Create a New Ad Account.” Choose “Create a new ad account” from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the ad account name, time zone, and other information. Click the “Create Ad Account” button. Next, you must assign user access levels to control the ad account: Admins have the most access and control.

Congratulations, you can now start promoting your business with ads you create in the Ads manager. 

Work With an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

At Auxilia, we create innovative Facebook ads to drive sales. Our team helps businesses grow by taking advantage of Facebook’s large audience with clear campaign objectives. We can also develop your other business assets by creating a website with a mobile-responsive design.

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