Custom WordPress Websites vs. Site Builders

The problem: DIY website builders exist

Auxilia wishes to be a well-respected¬†custom WordPress website design firm. The problem is that it seems you can’t watch YouTube videos on coding without seeing an advertisement from Wix. They seem to be the premier company advertising (to a web developer, for some reason, lol) to those geek-minded individuals of YouTube. GoDaddy has a website builder, and there are others, too. The temptation is this, why spend thousands of dollars on a custom, professionally built website when you can do it yourself? WordPress vs. site builders? What is better? That is what we will explain in this blog.

Building a website takes practice and its a team sport

Orlando Custom WordPress Website DesignAnyone that has built a website from scratch whether it be in WordPress, or Drupal, or OctoberCMS knows that it takes time to learn how to do it correctly. Learning how pictures scale, how text scales, the flow of a site, the consistency of a point or message in a site or page; these all take time to learn. Furthermore, building a professional website is usually a team effort. On our team, we have a graphic designer, content writer, one devoted to SEO, another to Pay Per Click campaigns, and the web developer. It truly takes all individuals working together to produce a quality website. No one can be an expert in all areas. The graphic designers are good with color schemes, layouts, and drawing the viewer in with the flare of the site. The content writers are good with drawing the reader in with their words. The SEO and PPC individuals are good at drawing in Google and Bing search engines with their optimization. And the coders (my favorite), are good at drawing all these into the coding that actually builds the site.

WordPress vs. site builders? So what should you do?

Orlando Custom WordPress Website DesignThe decision to have a website has been made for you. Are you in business? Then you need a website. The question is whether you need a high-end, customized website or if you can get something that is professionally built but at a lower cost. This remains true, regardless of the answer, you should not go to a website builder to do it yourself, rather call Auxilia. Regardless of your budget, we can help guide you in the right direction!

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