High-Level Overview of Digital Marketing

Published on: November 30, 2021

The term digital marketing should matter to every business. People use the term digital marketing all the time. But what does that mean?

Digital marketing, simply put, is utilizing all of the digital platforms and mediums available to help your business scale and grow. This could involve free platforms or paid platforms. Some examples include:

  • Building a high-quality WordPress or Shopify website,
  • Using SEO to get to the “money spots” on a Google search,
  • Using Google Ads,
  • Using Facebook Ads,
  • Using Email capturing and then marketing to those individuals, and
  • Using the array of social platforms available.

Written by Preston Toor

Preston has been the owner of Auxilia Digital, and a professional digital marketer for 9+ years. He has helped numerous service business go from start up status to thriving companies. His expertise is in website design, SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads for service based companies.

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