What Goes Into Custom WordPress Website Design

Auxilia is not the only company in Orlando in the business of custom WordPress website design. Your website is usually the first thing a prospective client sees. Nowadays most are searching for products and services from their smartphones, which means that your company is first introduced to those prospective clients in a mobile format. This truth is nothing new, and most of us know that a mobile responsive website is needed in today’s business world. What is not understood by most though, is how to create a custom website in WordPress that makes a good first impression to your clients. That is what we’ll explore today.

How to Create a Custom Website in WordPress: The Process

Processes and procedures may vary, but this is how we approach the task of making a company look beautiful on the web. There is a four-step process that we follow with custom WordPress website design.

Interviewing Client

The first step in custom WordPress website design that not only looks good but that also performs automation generating good search engine optimization and lead generation is to interview the client. Seems obvious enough, but you have to know where to begin. In this step, we want to know what a company is doing to promote their work online? How do they let others know what they’ve done and are doing? What do they envision their website doing and how they want it to look?

Content Writing and Graphic Design & Wireframing

How to Create a Custom Website in WordPressNow that we have determined from the client what their goals are, the team gets to work. At this point, our content writer and graphic designer get to work. A plan has been created and now each begins working on their elements; for the content writer it is the pages, paragraphs, sentences, keywords, etc., and for the graphic designer it is the color palette and design layout, logos, etc. When these items (content writing and graphic design) are put together they give the client an exact representation in Photoshop image format of exactly what the site will look like. The client sees their new site visually with all of the elements. At this point, there is excitement and anticipation as we move into the next phase.


Coding the Wireframe and Adding In Search Engine Optimization Enhancement

Custom WordPress Website DesignThis is the point of the project that is the most fun to the author of this blog! This where we get to code the wireframe. Also, this is the part of the project where we implement custom features like SEO tools and gallery/project creation.

At this point, along the way, search engine optimization is inserted into the code. This is an in-depth process of properly tagging all pictures, minimizing image file size for quick load time, working in keywords into all the appropriate areas, and so on.

Final Launch

Once everything has been coded and thoroughly tested, it is time to take the site live. This is a much-anticipated event that our team and client look forward to. In all, the process can take around 3 months, but it is a rewarding process!


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