How To Start Digital Marketing On A Tight Budget

So you want to start digital marketing for your business. You know it will cost money but you know it has to happen. Your budget is small. You’re unsure of if it will work, so what’s the plan?

Before you start digital marketing, you first need to ensure that you have disposable income. Do NOT think about digital marketing if you don’t have the money to invest in it. You should be able to pay all your business and personal expenses FIRST.

If you are good to go financially, start first by establishing those one-time pillars.

Step 1a: Make sure you have solid branding. You need a professionally designed logo, color scheme, typography, business cards, vehicle wrap, and brochure that represents YOUR company.

Step 1b: When developing your brand also develop your verbiage and tagline. Again, this verbiage can be grouped into branding and it should be. The “voice” of your business should be consistent.

Step 2: Have a professional website built that is an extension of your branding. It should be harmonious. There should be an obvious connection between your vehicle wrap, business card, and website. Cohesiveness is key.

Step 3: Setup all your social media sites with your brand’s logo, cover, and messaging.

Step 4: Sign up for directory citations with Whitespark so that your business has a comprehensive and cohesive online presence.

Now that these items are set up, you need to establish a baseline or a minimum viable tool or platform that will generate consistent, predictable and profitable results. This could be:

-A BNI group

-Google Guaranteed

-A Google Shopping or Facebook Shopping campaign

-An SEO campaign or a Social Media Marketing Campaign

-It could be a lead generation campaign on Google Ads or Facebook Ads

The bottom line is that 1) you have to have the disposable monthly budget for it, and 2) it has to be guaranteed to work.

Once you have the branding, website, social media, and directory citations set up, and once you have a minimum viable tool or platform established, you’re then ready to start exploring other avenues and channels that can also be profitable.

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