Three Keyword Research Tools That Pros Use

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In digital content creation, keyword selection is critical to generating organic traffic and growing your brand. Navigating this practice as a newbie may seem intimidating. Fortunately, you have several quality keyword research tools at your disposal to help you crack the code of keyword-focused content.

The best keyword research tools reduce the time you spend searching for relevant keywords and provide the information you need to rank higher on search engines without draining your bank account. 

At Auxilia, we’ve narrowed down which tools offer the most valuable keyword research benefits. With many years of experience testing various keyword optimization tools, we’ve found the ones that will streamline your content and earn you increased traffic.

The Best Keyword Research Tools

We had many factors to consider when selecting the best keyword research tools. However, three critical components stood out to us among the most effective tools:

  1. They’re data-driven. These tools give you everything you need to achieve high ranks on search engine results pages (SERPs). 
  2. They provide credible sources. Data is only helpful if it comes from reliable sources. Our chosen keyword research tools collect information from trustworthy sources like Google Analytics.
  3. They provide direction. Getting a list of keywords is only the first step. A quality research tool can work for everyone, from people familiar with SEO to those just starting.

With these factors in mind, let’s discuss the top three keyword research tools.

1. Semrush

Many keyword research tools provide a list of keyword ideas to include in your content. Semrush takes a different approach, giving you a detailed analysis of competitors’ keyword usage and a traffic measurement for each term. 

Likewise, Semrush provides the information you need to select relevant keywords at lower difficulties. To do so, it gives you a list of long-tail keywords or longer phrases that contain the primary term. With this feature, you can find keywords related to your content and more easily rank above competitors.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a simple, efficient keyword research tool. It allows you to input specific keywords to find related, long-tail terms and monitor keyword popularity. This feature is beneficial if you need help choosing between two or more keywords.

3. Jaaxy

Of all the keyword research tools we’ve tested, Jaaxy is one of the most simplistic. You can use its search tool to find basic data on specific keywords and phrases, and Jaaxy will provide a list of related terms. 

However, Jaaxy is unique in providing additional options for creators searching for affiliate programs. Upon entering your keyword, you’ll receive a list of related affiliate programs you can join or spotlight on your website.

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