SEO Trends for 2022: Why Should You Leverage Them?

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It’s essential to keep your pulse on new SEO trends. You can benefit from this knowledge if you’re a freelance copywriter, trying to increase sales for your Etsy shop, or want to dominate the digital marketing field.

However, SEO strategies are constantly changing and evolving to adapt to outside factors. These elements include the user experience, search intent, and Google’s algorithm. While some aspects are out of your control, knowing how to leverage new SEO trends for 2022 will transform your digital marketing.

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Four Robust SEO Trends for 2022

Leveraging SEO trends for 2022 starts with revolving your SEO strategy around the right trend. While there are many new trends, we’ll break down four you should know.

1. People Also Ask

Out of the billions of searches every day, many revolve around “people also ask.” To position your business or blog as a top search result, you’ll need content to answer typically asked questions.

Like with any SEO blog or article, you can use a tool to find the most popular keywords trending. For structure, many websites benefit from having a FAQ section.

2. Authoritative Backlinks

There’s a lot of misinformation online, and sometimes blogs use sensational headlines to lure readers. However, a user’s experience considerably improves when provided with authoritative backlinks. After all, a potential customer needs to know they can trust your good or service.

Not every backlink is valuable. However, for 2022, it would seem that quality exceeds quantity.

So, align your backlinks with user search intent to build rapport. Choosing backlinks carefully will help you hike to the top of Google’s search results.

3. Incorporating Videos

Text is probably never going to go away and still drives a large chunk of SEO. However, incorporating videos into your SEO strategy can significantly change the game.

Of course, optimizing your video is crucial. Use techniques like:

  • Have a strong CTA
  • Have transcriptions for your video
  • Measure performance and adjust accordingly
  • Have specific objectives and a target audience in mind

4. EAT

Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving. Research speculates its algorithm changes between 500 to 600 times a year. While it’s impossible to fully know what Google is thinking, knowing EAT can make the process easier:

  • E: Expertise
  • A: Authoritativeness
  • T: Trustworthiness

You can use multiple strategies to improve your EAT ratings. Citing sources, having a bio or “About Us” page, and creating highly targeted content can boost your ratings.

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