When to Redesign Your Website: How to Know It’s Time

A well-designed website engages visitors, drives traffic, and converts a user into a customer. If your website’s structure, content, or design is a hindrance to achieving your revenue goals and growing your business, it may be time to redesign your site. 

If your marketing strategy includes maintaining a compelling online presence, it is crucial to know when to redesign your website and what components require revision. 

Auxilia offers professional digital marketing services in Conroe. We have years of experience helping businesses to thrive with our website design services, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. We also know the pitfalls of a poorly designed or outdated website. If any of the following statements apply to your business website, a redesign should be a priority to re-engage your customer base and increase traffic.

#1 Your Website Is Visually Outdated

A business website with an outdated appearance sends the wrong message to users. Why would visitors put their faith in a company that seems out of touch with the latest trends? If your website is too heavy on text, your message gets lost because the reader is inundated with verbiage. Websites are primarily a visual medium and must balance visual components with text to successfully convey your message. 

#2 Your Website Does Not Reflect Your Brand

Your company’s branding should be consistent throughout every marketing channel. The visual components of your brand, such as color, font, logo, and design, subconsciously distinguish your brand and create an association in the consumer’s mind. That is why every header, logo, font, and formatting element on your website must match your brand.

#3 Your Website Content Is Old

Fresh, original content increases web traffic, retains visitors, and positively impacts your site’s ranking in web search results. You can maximize this benefit by updating your website weekly, with three to four pages of original, quality content.

# 4 Poor Search Engine Rankings

Search engines reward original, quality content with a higher ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Many web users do not look past the first page of search results. If your website has low search engine rankings, it is time to redesign your website.

#5 Your Website Takes Too Long to Load

Humans have an attention span of approximately 8 seconds. That means when visitors enter your website, you have about 8 seconds to engage them. If it takes 8 seconds for your site to load, the opportunity has come and gone. A slow load time is kryptonite for a website. It impedes the user experience and kills conversion rates. You will know when to redesign your website if slow load times reduce traffic and hurt revenue.

#6 Your Website Performs Poorly on Mobile Platforms

Statistically, about two-thirds of internet users perform web searches from a mobile device. A state-of-the-art business website must be desktop and mobile friendly to be credible.

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